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Up to £150k each for multiple energy harvesting projects

Multiple applications allowed

It may be that you've already found an excellent partner organisation with which you are planning to apply for up to £150k funding from the Technology Strategy Board's Energy Harvesting competition. But did you know that you can submit more than one application?

If you haven't yet found anyone to apply for funding with, or maybe you're thinking of looking for a second partner, then you can now post your project ideas to one of the Energy Harvesting group's discussion forums.

Don't forget to explain a bit about your concept, what you're offering and what you're looking for.

Energy harvesting - in a nutshell

Energy harvesting is a means of powering electronic devices by scavenging many low-grade ambient, or “wasted” energy sources such as environmental vibrations, human power, thermal gradients, or pressure gradients, and their conversion into useable electrical energy. Energy harvesting devices are therefore potentially attractive as replacements for primary batteries in low power applications or for making better use of what would generally be wasted" energy.  (and you can put it in a nutshell if you like...).

This initiative will help companies explore the opportunities created by energy harvesting to extend the life of batteries in devices or to eliminate the need for batteries altogether.

Potential applications extend across many industry sectors and commercial activities, such as space, marine, automotive, aerospace, environmental monitoring, subterranean and subsea, harsh and hostile environments and even battlefields.

Time is on your side

With over two weeks to go to register your interest (28th November: Noon) and just over three weeks to go before the competition closes (5th December: Noon), you still have plenty of time to find a partner organisation and submit your project proposal.

Find out more at the Energy Harvesting Group


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