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UK government to announce a prize of up to £10 million for R&D funding to develop long-life battery technology for electric vehicles

Included in the Government's spending round, as presented to Parliament last month, was a commitment to continue to support the development of electric vehicles, including by offering a prize of up to £10 million dedicated Research and Development funding to develop long-life battery technology for electric vehicles.

Details of this and other aspects of the Government's commitment to the transition to ULEVs will be set out in the ULEV strategy later this year.

However, that prize was dwarfed by a what George Osborne described as "an historic shift in the UK’s approach to roads, underpinned by the biggest programme of investment since the 1970s".

"By 2020-21 the Government will treble investment in major new road enhancements from today’s levels", as stated in Investing in Britain’s future, the document presented by to Parliament by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

The Chancellor said the Government is however to ensuring that any improvements to the network must be done in a way that supports the nation’s overall quality of life and environment. He also said that the Government remains committed to making sure transport plays its part in meeting carbon budgets and other environmental targets.

"Reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions is at the heart of Government’s vision for transport, and is a key component of sustainable economic growth. As technology develops, ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVS) will increasingly be the way forward. These vehicles are now starting to come onto the market in significant numbers, and in the coming decade will become a common sight helping to improve air quality as well as deliver carbon savings. An important part of managing the road network over the next thirty years will be managing the shift to these new types of vehicles."

Details of the prize for developing electric vehicles and other aspects of the Government’s commitment to the transition to ULEVs were stated (on page 18 of the statement) as "to be set out in the ULEV strategy later this year"

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