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Report highlights opportunities to improve rail diesel efficiency

A report published today highlights the results of research work carried out by Ricardo and TRL on behalf of the UK Department for Transport, exploring the means by which improvements in diesel fuel efficiency could be realized within the rail network of Great Britain.

Key findings of the report included a number of technically viable solutions that are available to improve rail diesel powertrain efficiency, many of which are commercially attractive in terms of their projected return on investment. 

Further details, please visit the Ricardo website by using this link.



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It's all known, understood, well proven technology, but these ministers don't understand what it's all about. Keep spending money on discussing, meetings, study groups, conferences, they have no practical engineering knowledge or skills so they cannot decide on any course of action.

Most of the "innovations" in the Ricardo report could be demonstrated by some small engineering firm, with a few old locomotives and a couple of hundred thousand pounds.

Regenerative braking is well proven.
Flywheel energy storage was used in locomotives more than 50 years ago.

A 2000 kW diesel engine gives of some 6000 kW of heat, easily stored and exchanged in small storage units similar to domestic electric storage radiators, and parked in useful position in neighbouring buildings. A 6 hour journey at 6000kW produces 36,000 kWhr of energy, so at 10p per kWhr that's £3600 of heat energy, more than the cost of the fuel.

When will these guys wake up?
Posted on 14/03/12 23:19.

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