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Number two US supplier of natual gas to help develop domestic CNG refuelling device

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the second largest US natural gas supplier Chesapeake Energy is working with General Electric and Whirlpool to develop a $500 appliance that will allow natural-gas powered cars to be refueled at their owners’ homes.

The partnership is  intended to promote compressed natural gas as a mainstream fuel, and is an attempt to overcome one of the biggest challenges in putting natural-gas powered cars on the road - convenient refueling.

About 112,000 natural-gas powered vehicles are now on US roads, mostly delivery trucks and other vehicles driving a set route with easy access to refueling stations. Auto makers have been slower to offer compressed natural gas-fueled passenger cars and trucks, partly because only about 540 stations are open to the public.

The appliance that Chesapeake, GE And Whirlpool are developing will fit in a home garage, hook into a natural gas line and dispense compressed natural gas into vehicles designed to use the fuel.


Exxon Mobil showing less enthusiasm for the alternaitve fuel

The report cited a GM spokesperson as supportive of CNG cars. However an Exxon Mobil, the largest US supplier of natural gas was less effusive, saying the car market is “an area to watch,” but the cost to convert vehicles and infrastructure today outweighs the benefit, according to William Colton, Exxon’s vice president of corporate strategic planning. “The math looks marginal at best,” Mr. Colton said, speaking at a conference in Houston.



Drivers May Soon Fuel Their Natural-Gas Cars at Home


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