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Launch of the £9.5m Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Trial Competition

The Technology Strategy Board launched the competition for funding for the Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Trial.

First mentioned as two intervention measures in the November 2011 Logistics Growth Review, the Department-for-Transport funded £6.5m truck trial and the £1.5m public refuelling infrastructure support programmes have been combined into one funding competition, to which the Technology Strategy Board has added a further £1.5m, making this now a £9.5m competition for low carbon truck trials and national gas refuelling infrastructure.

The trial programme – which will be managed by the Technology Strategy Board – will help operators establish and run fleets of alternative & dual-fuel heavy-goods vehicles, and electric & hybrid commercial vehicles, by part-funding the difference in capital cost between the traditional vehicles and their low carbon equivalents. 

The programme will also part-fund the refuelling/charging point for use by the trial fleet, and will kick-start the building of a widely accessible UK gas refuelling infrastructure for commercial vehicles.

Outline details about the competition for funding to run a trial fleet and establish a refuelling point are containing in the Competition Briefing document.

Interested parties are strongly encouraged to join the Low Carbon Truck Demo Trial website Group for access to key competition information, a calendar of key competition dates, and to find consortia partners.

Information days

A Consortia Building and Information Day was held on 3rd April 2012 at the Crowne Plaza, NEC Birmingham. Subsequent to this, an FAQ document has been prepared, "meet the buyer" info sheets are available, and the scope has been refined to enable consortia to be led by uk-based businesses, rather than specifically a fleet operator.  Please visit the website group to find out more.

A briefing day and concurrent webinar will be held on 9th May.  Visit the website group for further information and to register.

(article updated April 20th 2012)




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The presentation from the briefing event on the 9th of May is available to download and view (though you'll have to look at it sideways!)­Id=7887843&name=DLFE-82148.pdf.
Remember, if you are thinking about applying for this funding, you have to register your intent to submit an application by noon on 13th June 2012.
Posted on 11/05/12 17:04.

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