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Intelligent Energy unveils next generation, integrated and compact fuel cell power unit at JSAE 2014

This week at the JSAE Annual Congress in Yokohama, Japan, Loughborough-based Intelligent Energy introduced its Gen4 air-cooled fuel cell power unit, designed for easy integration into two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles.

The fuel cell power unit was developed in collaboration with the Suzuki Motor Corporation as a power-dense, compact and self-contained system.

Rated for continuous operation at 3.9kW and capable of providing in excess of 4kW for short periods, the power unit has been designed as a prime-mover power source for smaller fuel cell electric vehicles and also as a range extender for larger vehicles, offering a zero-emission alternative to conventional internal combustion engines.

The Gen4 includes components that can enable vehicle manufacturers to integrate the system into their products.


Simple solution for a broad range of zero-emission production vehicles

According to Intelligent Energy, its Gen 4 has been subject to a comprehensive development process to satisfy demanding automotive requirements based upon an extensive operational and performance test programme, including shock and vibration testing and repeated thermal cycling over a range of operating temperatures.

A production line capable of manufacturing Gen4 fuel cells was commissioned in 2013 at SMILE FC System Corporation, the joint venture company established by Intelligent Energy and Suzuki in Yokohama, Japan.

James Batchelor, Managing Director of Motive, Intelligent Energy said, “Our new Gen4 fuel cell power unit will help vehicle manufacturers to save space, reduce weight and cost without compromising on performance. By making Gen4 available as a self-contained fuel cell power unit, we are able to offer new and existing customers a simple solution, reducing time to market for a broad range of zero-emission production vehicles without the high cost and risk associated with in-house development.”

Batchelor continues, “Applications for Gen4 extend beyond the automotive industry (for example, as an auxiliary power unit or for aerospace applications) and we look forward to expanding sales with our existing customers and markets and also commercialising this product in new and innovative applications.”



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