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Car Clubs in Scotland programme has removed 200 cars from Scottish roads in 2 years

According to a report by environmental transport pressure group Carplus Trust, car clubs have been successful in cutting carbon, reducing the number of private cars on Scottish roads by 200, and improving accessibility in rural areas, according to a new review published last week.

The review outlines the progress of the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland (DCCS) programme in achieving energy efficiency and carbon reduction in transport with innovative and cost-effective car clubs. DCCS is a national Transport Scotland funded programme, which is being delivered by Carplus Trust in partnership with community groups and local authorities in urban and rural communities across Scotland.

The review describes how the programme, launched in November 2010, has expanded the car club network by providing financial and technical assistance to support introduction of pay-as-you-drive cars into 15 communities, and by doing so, has added 35 additional vehicles and 600 new members to the network.

In addition to supporting the continued development of car clubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 11 new car clubs have been supported through the programme. As a result, around 200 cars have been taken off the road and 148 tonnes of carbon saved annually.


Car clubs claimed as an affordable measure to help achieve energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets

Commenting on the review, Chas Ball, Carplus CEO, said: “In light of concerns surrounding climate change, this new review of the impact of the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme, demonstrates that car clubs are an affordable measure to help achieve wider energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets.”

Scottish Government Transport Minister, Keith Brown MSP, commented “The Scottish Government has an ambitious agenda for tackling climate change and the increasing interest in car clubs is demonstrating how the people of Scotland are engaging in delivering on this. Greener lifestyles can also be cheaper lifestyles, given the ever-rising costs of running a private car."

"We are funding the establishment of a network of car clubs across Scotland, which will provide more drivers with the opportunity to give up their cars in favour of pay-as-you-go driving, further reducing the environmental and economic costs of car use.”


Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme

The aims of the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme are:

  • To improve energy efficiency and support carbon reduction in transport in Scotland;
  • To reduce private car dependency by developing the existing urban Car Club sector and expanding the network into all Scottish major cities; and,
  • To contribute to the strengthening of rural communities and reduction of transport poverty through the development of community Car Clubs.


Carplus publishes review of Car Clubs in Scotland programme 

Download the report - Programme Review 2010 - 2012, Developing Car Clubs in Scotland

Car Clubs in Scotland

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