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The Energy Catalyst has been established by Innovate UK, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to accelerate innovation by providing investment and support at the time, in the way and at the scale innovators need it. It will help stimulate and support innovation by funding stages of innovation which will take projects from concept to commercial readiness with an objective of bringing the best ideas, processes, products and skills to the UK energy supply chain.

The Energy Catalyst will support a wide range of technologies that address all elements of the energy trilemma. In Round 4, DFID funding is available only to projects that are relevant to the needs of developing countries. Therefore proposals must have objectives and outcomes which will contribute to:
  • reducing emissions
  • improving security of supply, and
  • reducing cost of energy
  • The needs of developing countries.

Round 4 is now open. For more information on the Round 4 scope, please click here.

Latest update:
Innovate UK has approved additional grant funding of up to £10m for Energy Catalyst Round 4. This is in addition to (up to) £6m from DFID and up to £3m from EPSRC that is already committed to Round 4, bringing the total available funding up to £19m. The Knowledge Transfer Network, in partnership with Innovate UK and DFID, will be hosting a brokerage event to help applicants develop relationships and proposals. Full details and registration can be found HERE


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