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On both an emotional and practical level, lighting is a very basic human need. Therefore, people want to have it when needed at all times and places. However, until the invention of the flashlight, good portable light source did not exist. A look at the history of the flashlight shows how far flashlights have come in a relatively short time.
Before there were flashlights
Since the discovery of fire, it is likely that people were looking for ways to take the lighting it provided with them. This started with torches and eventually progressed to things like candles and kerosene lights. However, there are some serious problems with these types of lighting. Fire is hot and dangerous and none of these produce a directional light. Eveready Rechargeable Batteries, something better was needed.
The first flashlights
While the tube, switch, bulb and Eveready Rechargeable Battery that most flashlights consist of may seem simple enough, the technology to make them did not come into play until the late 1800’s Edison’s incandescent light bulb was invented first. Later, the dry cell was invented. This made battery power flashlights practical since a dry cell will not spill and can produce power regardless of its orientation. Soon after, the D cell was invented to be used in flashlights, and the first cylindrical flashlight was patented in 1903 by a company that would eventually become Eveready.
Not surprisingly, these early flashlights were rather crude affairs nothing like what is seen today. They were often constructed partially of wood, and the first cylindrical flashlights were made with paper and fiber tubes.
The history of the word “flashlight” itself says something about the early flashlights. While most people today likely associate it with how the light comes on in a flash, these flashlights got there name because they could only light up for a short period of time.
Flashlights today
Flashlights evolved over time to become much studier and more functional. Far from the flimsy earlier tubes, many flashlights are now constructed of anodized aluminum, which or lightweight and resistant to rust, or are injection molded with tough polymers.
LED bulbs are another significant improvement. With their durability and low power consumption, they make flashlights much more reliable while making it possible to use them over greater periods of time. These Eveready aa rechargeable batteries will also last considerably longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Finally, they emit or more directional light that is great for flashlights.
There are also much better batteries now and new ways to keep them charged. Modern batteries last longer and hold a more energy. Many flashlights now have rechargeable batteries built in. For those far from a power source, solar powered lights and those that work through some kind of cranking device are also on the market.
Then there are the many types and sizes of flashlights now available. These include lights that emit a very intense beam that is invaluable for special purposes. Headlamps make it possible to use lights hands free. Flashlights that are very small yet can emit a respectable amount of light make it easy to carry one at all times.

Best pendant lights

Pendant lighting is always a good choice in a home. Whether you use pendants as an alternative to a traditional chandelier in the entryway or over the dining room, or as lighting in a bedroom, home office or play area, pendants are one of the most versatile lighting choices you can make.

Of course, there are literally thousands of pendants to choose from on the market, from traditional designs to those that really double as artwork in the home. Glass pendant lights are particularly popular, largely because they offer homeowners a mix of traditional and modern design elements that are both classic and timeless.

Depending on their design, glass pendant lights can fit perfectly in a rustic, country inspired home or in a modernist home filled with contemporary furnishings. That's partly because glass is such an ideal material to make lamps out of as it has an organic, natural quality that can take on chameleon-like qualities.

Glass pendant lights cast off more light than a fabric shaded counterpart. The light can be further altered by the color of the glass used in the fixture. Some glass lights come with opaque or transparent shades that will control the direction of the light. But others are clear, allowing the light to shine through, increasing the beauty and effectiveness of the lights.

One of the best things about glass pendants is that they can be artistic as well as functional. If you're a fan of Dale Chihuly, you can get fiery colored Best pendant lights or lamps that look like flowers or other sculptural shapes that will work wonderfully in an entryway or in a stairwell. In fact, you can get glass pendant lights that are made specifically as works of art - bold pieces that add splendor and a cascade of light to a living space.

Glass pendants are particularly well suited to a kitchen. Here you can use them over the kitchen island or get mini pendants that are set over the counter tops. These mini pendants work well in a home office too, or over the bed in the master.

If you have children, you may want to add pendants over their play area. These will save you a little money on your power bill since your kids can simply turn on the light where they are playing, rather than turning on the main room light, which may use more electricity.

If you are putting them in the play area, you may want to go with acrylic lights instead of glass pendant lights. As any parent knows, children can be pretty rambunctious and lights inevitably end up getting in the way of an errant football or flying Barbie. Better to play it safe and get an unbreakable light.

Blown glass pendants are more popular than ever these days. Looking as if an artisan made them, they have small imperfections such as bubbles in the surface, giving them a handmade look. Others have been blown to have a stained-lass effect, being a mix of several different colors or hues of the same color. As such, no two are exactly alike so pairing them adds even more visual interest to the space. In fact, it's hard for visitors to your home to not be enraptured by the fixtures, given their slight imperfections and ever changing shapes as they hang above a living space.

Pendants, particularly glass pendants, are a great addition to any home. They not only add the perfect amount of light to the space you're trying to light, but they add a touch of elegance and old world charm that few other lights can. They clearly demonstrate that our love of glass is enduring, even in the 21st century.

Best Digital Rice Cooker Reviews

Rice cookers are one of the most utilized kitchen appliances of most Asian kitchens and recently have made its way in American kitchens. These rice makers are great devices to cook rice Best Digital Rice Cooker Reviews. They use a sort of thermostat to lower down the temperature once the rice is cooked. You can also them as a warmer.

There are several types of rice cookers out in the market. However, there are only two types of best rice cookers. They are rated according to their design, functionality and features. Here is the list of the two popular rice cookers.

Pot-style cookers

Pot style cookers are very cheap and they are also very easy to operate. Their capacity is very numerous. You can find pot-style cookers serving up several capacities (30 cups). The pot is removable thus you can simply take the pot out once the rice is cooked. The pot has a lid which has a vent that releases excess heat from the rice maker. You have the liberty to check the rice once and a while during the cooking process. Some pot-style cookers come with a steam tray that allows you to steam vegetables, dish or chicken together with your rice. Most pot-style cookers are also equipped with the "keep warm" mode that allows you to heat up your rice until the cooker is cooked.

Cool-touch rice cookers

It has hinged lids which lock in steam and moisture. This type, according to rice maker reviews, can only cook 4 to 10 cups of rice. The rice remains sealed during the cooking process which insulates heat inside. The outer covering is also cool to touch. It is more expensive. They also feature digital controls and other features.

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