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OptiYield® has been developed by ECS from initial concepts, research and experience dating back to the late 1970’s and sets a new Industry standard for sustainable, high added-value farming, blending together soil science, crop science and computer science through scalable, automated “Expert System” software.

As a result OptiYield® is a web-based, highly scalable Nutrient Availability Modelling and crop nutrition recommendation system based on a complex set of algorithms that has been extended to be both multi-lingual and conforming to the fertiliser regulations of multiple regions and countries.

In addition we are involved in primary R&D in developing new compounds, production methods and products to add in to our portfolio to further improve performance of the system.

Through OptiYield® we have substantially increased both crop yields and marketable qualities for major growers following "best practice" including:

  • Olive producers in Spain and Portugal with 37% increase in olive oil production over 2 years.
  • Carrot and Potato growers in the UK with 15 - 30% marketable yield increases.

OptiYield® currently covers some 30+ World crops including Potatoes, Carrots, Brassicas, Onions, Root Crops Sugar Olives (olive oil), Citrus and other sub-tropical crops such as Sugarcane, Bananas and Tea.

We continue to conduct independent replicated trials using our OptiYield system on a number of key arable and horticultural field crops in the UK, France, Spain and Belgium as well as creating creating new, patentable bioactive products with Universities and research organisations in the UK and overseas.