What we focus on

Within the major theme of Embedded Systems the following picture shows the particular sub-themes that we aim to tackle, along with some of the markets they apply to:


Design Methods and Tools

·         System Level Visual Modelling

·         Model-Driven Design

·         Testing and Verification

·         Tool-chain integration

·         Automatic Code Generation

·         Component based embedded software design

Safety and Reliability in Embedded Systems

·         Methods

·         Tools

·         Processes

·         Standards

For the development of cost effective, reliable and robust systems for use in safety-critical or mission-critical systems

 Embedded System Computing Environments

·         Architectures and design paradigms for embedded systems

·         Programming techniques for:

o   Configurable processing

o   Multi-core/Parallel Processing

o   Power reduction

o   Enhanced throughput and performance

·         Ease of development

·         Testing and debugging.

Security Privacy and Dependability

·         Methods for protecting the security and privacy of financial, personal, commercial and military information in embedded systems

·         Encryption, Authentication and authenticity of data, time-stamping and certification

·         Continuity of service and protection against deliberate denial of service attacks

Pervasive Computing

·         Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Centric Design of Embedded Systems

·         Seamless Connectivity, interoperability

·         Intelligent environments

·         Self-organisation of systems

Best Practices in Embedded Systems

·         Software copyright and Protection

·         Quality Control

·         Test and verification

·         Coding Standards and code maintenance