What we do


The scope of the Embedded Systems group is seen as helping to bring together the disparate community in this market sector and providing support and resources to those organisations that are developing systems, products, technologies, software and tools.

In terms of the scope of the subject matter, the emphasis of the ES group is on embedded electronic hardware and software development. Development tools, processes and best practices also fall within this scope. This group is not primarily concerned with PC applications software, database or web software, execpt where they are embodied in embedded systems.

 The scope of the group encompasses organisations working on embedded systems technology in all market segments (aerospace, defence, industrial, automotive, transport, medical, healthcare, consumer electronics etc).


Without wishing to be too prescriptive about the activities of the ES group, we should attempt to pursue some or all of the following aims:

  • To identify critical issues and unique common challenges of organisations working on the development of embedded systems and software.
  • To provide a platform to the members for the interchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge and expertise relating to both technology and markets.
  • To identify and promote the unique capabilities and expertise of the UK embedded systems community.
  • To facilitate the engagement in, and the formation of collaborative partnerships for the pursuit of UK and European R&D funding relating to Embedded Systems and software.
  • To encourage engagement between industry and academia and to facilitate a bi-directional transfer of knowledge between the communities.
  • To maintain relationships with important European networks (like DSP Valley, BICC Net and System@TIC) and funding programmes such as ARTEMIS and ENIAC