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New MoD SBRI Competition seeking Future Advances in Design, Fabrication and Manufacture

The CDE is launching a call for proposals addressing the disruptive potential of future advances in design, fabrication and manufacture. These could transform the supply chain, enhancing the performance and reducing the cost of materials, devices and systems across design, manufacture and support.


Proposals in response to this SBRI competition should draw from the widest possible range of emerging ideas and applications to improve MOD’s understanding of the state of the art and future potential for defence and security applications. Topics of interest to MOD under this call include:

  • Agile, distributed manufacturing and upgrade (including through additive manufacturing. For example:
  1. Additive manufacturing materials. Particular interest in near- and longer-term options in the areas of structural, multifunctional, nano- and meta-materials.
  2. 'Zero-cost’ upgrades. How can defence most valuably exploit relevant developments in this field from the civil sector? Where are there important niche aspects that will likely only be developed for defence and security objectives?
  • Quantum computing. How can we design defence capability to maximise the impact of potential future quantum computing capability for UK defence?
  • Intelligent systems and embedded electronics. Including sensing, processing, communication and other functionality within components and structures.
  • Biological manufacturing. Use of biological principles in areas of design and manufacture. For example, using organic materials or enhancing defence-relevant design and manufacture using biological systems.

Details of the problem area and the desired outcomes will be presented at a seminar in Cambridge on Tuesday 12th June 2012. The competition will open on this date.  Companies are strongly advised to attend the seminar to hear firsthand the military challenges.


More detail on the challenge is listed on the Technology Strategy Board website

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