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Forum on Specification and Design Languages - call for contributions

FDL 2012 takes place in Vienna on September 18-20.

FDL is an international forum to exchange experiences and promote new trends in the application of languages, their associated design methods and tools for the design of electronic systems. The Forum is organized around four Thematic Areas (TA) described below and includes working sessions, poster sessions, embedded tutorials, panels and technical discussions. Industrial Workshops and Fringe Meetings such as user group or standardization meetings are also held in conjunction with the Forum.

Assertion Based Design, Verification & Debug

The ABD Thematic Area welcomes research contributions, tool demonstrations, reports on standardization activities and effective applications in all aspects of innovative property expression and processing, with an emphasis on frontier design levels, verification, automatic synthesis and mechanized debug aids.

Language-Based System Design

The LBSD TA addresses language-based modelling and design techniques for simulation, debugging, transformation, and analysis of digital hardware/software embedded systems.

Embedded Analog and Mixed-Signal System Design

The EAMS TA addresses design, modeling, and verification of heterogeneous systems that include significant part of analog or continuous behavior such as cyber physical systems, wireless sensor networks, and of course analog/mixed-signal circuits.

UML and MDE for Embedded System Specification & Design

Model driven methods, mostly based on the Unified Modelling Language, increasingly support semi-formal methods for system level design of complex embedded systems including multi-core, highly programmable platforms and heterogeneous Systems-on-Chip.

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