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Embedded sub-committee meeting 13 October 2011

A meeting of the embedded sub-group steering committee took place at Kent University on the afternoon of October 13th. My thanks to Peter Lee for hosting this.


Our theme was open source in the embedded sector and if/how this should be supported by the ESP-KTN. We were joined by four experts in the field, Gerry Gavignon, chair of the OSC, Mark Elkins, chair of the BCS Open Source Specialist Group, Andrew Black, co-chair of OSHUG and Julius Baxter of CSR, program manager for the OpenRISC project at OpenCores.


The agenda is available in the shared area: /documents/3172262/3720035/ESP+KTN+Embedded+Group+Committee+Agenda+13+October+11.pdf/36462672-91cc-495f-8a35-61bac7ed3f34


The minutes are available to ESP-KTN members in the shared area: /documents/3172262/3720035/ESP+KTN+Embedded+Group+Committee+Minutes+13+October+11.pdf/1f3c4489-5180-4499-b807-b3801262eff7


Peter Lee's slides on embedded R&D at Kent are available to ESP-KTN members in the shared area: /documents/3172262/3720035/Presentation+by+Peter+Lee+of+Kent+University%2C%2013+Oct+2011.ppt/541b396e-706b-41f3-88c3-7dbc3bfc7072


Jeremy Bennett

Embedded Systems Champion

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