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Artemis 2013 Brokerage Workshop

Last Chance to Register

15 January & 16 January 2013, Sheraton Skyline Hotel, London Heathrow

In March 2013 ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking is expected to launch its Call 2013 for project proposals.
To help with the preparation of drafting proposals and search for the right consortium partners, ARTEMIS Industry Association organises the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event in Sheraton Skyline Hotel London Heathrow.
This 2-day international event will take place on Tuesday 15 & Wednesday 16 January 2013. About 250 participants from all over Europe are expected to attend this event.


For further details and to register visit the EVENT WEBSITE.

What is an ARTEMIS Brokerage Event?

It's an event that gives the chance to meet consortium partners and drafting project proposals with the starting consortia.  The event is also an important indication for public authorities to sense the field of interest in advance.
Furthermore it informs on the Draft Annual Working Programme 2013 (AWP2013) for the ARTEMIS Call 2013 and gives updates on the timeframe and procedure for the Call.

ARTEMIS Innovation Pilot Programmes (AIPP's)

Part B of the Draft Annual Working Programme 2013 (AWP2013-part B) focusses on the new concept of the ARTEMIS Innovation Pilot Programmes (AIPP's), as an addition to Part A of the AWP 2013 that focusses on the well known ARTEMIS Sub-Programmes (ASP's).   

Advantages of the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event
  • propose your project idea to potential project partners
  • check project ideas from others to join their consortium
  • work out project ideas to indicative proposal
  • build a project consortium
  • build and enlarge your network
Who should attend?

Everyone, who is interested to respond to Call 2013 for project proposals in ARTEMIS. The international Brokerage Event in London is the right place to bring well targeted ideas and clearly defined cooperation needs together from the research and business sector. 

How to make the best out of the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event?

The ARTEMIS Brokerage for Call 2013 follows a different format. From previous Brokerage events we learned that not all participants get a good overview on all the information available on cooking project ideas. This year we introduce a three step approach to improve the availability and access to project idea information, to maximise the opportunities for consortia building. 

ARTEMIS Project Idea Tool

Before the Brokerage, we invite all participants to make their project ideas known via the ARTEMIS Project Idea Tool (gather the content for the project idea poster via this web tool).
Use the ARTEMIS Brokerage Poster Example to create a poster. Consortia that have uploaded their idea in ARTEMIS Project Idea Tool will give you the opportunity to:

  1. Present their idea in the plenary session in a short project pitch (5 min) to promote their poster
  2. Get poster space to further generate interest during the poster session (after project pitches).
  3. Get a reserved meeting space during the break-out session (tables).


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Last date to register for brokerage event is 11th January
See registration website for details.
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