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A new 32-bit processor solution for entry-level and energy-efficient applications

Next Webinar by ARM will be:


A new 32-bit processor solution for entry-level and energy-efficient applications   

Tuesday, April 5, 2012 9:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT / 16:00 GMT 45 minutes + Q&A

More details and to register!

Are you experiencing limitations with your current 8- or 16-bit architecture? Do you want more horsepower without sacrificing energy consumption? If you develop MCU embedded applications or just want the best core for your next chip design, attend this webinar to learn how the ARM® Cortex™-M0 processor and the newest evolution, the Cortex-M0+ processor, can help you make a successful jump to the ARM 32-bit architecture.

Who should attend: Embedded software developers and hardware architects for chip designs

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

•   How easy it is to migrate from 8- and 16-bit architectures to 32-bit devices without impacting your power budget, e.g. for battery-based applications

•   Why a 32-bit processor is an easy, viable solution for your cost-sensitive application

•   How the Cortex-M0+ processor delivers ultra low-power, low-cost MCUs for intelligent sensors and smart control systems in a broad range of industrial and consumer applications

•   How to get the most from the newest processor’s features, such as faster I/O and peripheral control

Other webinars you may be interested in:

•   Addressing the High Performance/Low Energy Requirements of Multicore Platforms - Modern mobile platforms are demanded to smoothly execute high performance tasks such as gaming and web browsing, yet long battery life is still expected for the basic Smartphone functions of text, email, and audio. This presentation addresses the high performance/low energy requirements of these multicore platforms.

•   Cortex-A7 Processor for Low-cost Mobile Handsets to High-end Super Phones and Tablets - Learn how the extremely power-efficient ARM Cortex-A7 processor will enable entry-level Smartphone SoC designs. We will describe, in detail, the design choices considered including choice of feature set and performance level and how its simplified pipeline enables dramatically lower power consumption. This processor is ideal for not just the mobile but also a slew of other embedded markets.

•   Choosing the Correct ARM Processor – Attend this webinar for an overview of the ARM portfolio along with the function, features and benefits of each processor family in the portfolio. Walk away with an understanding of the benefits of using existing and new ARM technology and the information you need to make the correct processor choice for your next design.


If you know of similar Industry Events please send me details and I will post them on the relevant group.


Nigel Rix



3 people have had something to say so far

If I click on "register now" I get another overview page, what am I doing wrong?
Posted on 31/03/12 23:52.
Dear Tony
The direct link for registration is
In fact the link in the article takes you to the event description on connect. On the event the register link takes you to the event itself.
I will amend the description on the article.
Posted on 01/04/12 08:45 in reply to Tony Smee.
Hi Nigel,
Thanks, it works fine & I'm registered, everything except my mother's maiden name.
Should be interesting to get up to date, or at least a taster.
Posted on 01/04/12 22:52.

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