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Electronics is at the heart of nearly every piece of technology and equipment that we use. Advances in electronics continue to change the way the world works and our lives. Systems are more efficient through embedded electronics. We can access larger amounts of information through communications and sensor systems. We are living longer through better diagnostics and assisted living technologies. Without electronics none of this would be possible.

This group supports the community of technology users and technology providers involved in the electronics sector. The aim is to profile case studies and presentations that demonstrate either new applications or new technologies. Members are encouraged to produce articles covering their needs or their solutions. By providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, information and contacts we promote the uptake of innovation and networking leading to business growth and economic return.


Electronic Systems provide the foundations on which the 21st century is being built:
All around us the world has become dependent on Electronic Systems, yet their pervasiveness in our daily lives may not be immediately obvious. Just consider for a moment a world without them; no power, instant communications, televisions, the internet, advanced healthcare solutions, modern vehicles and navigation systems…

Electronic Systems Community ESCO is an initiative that covers the whole Electronic Systems Sector providing industry leadership and engagement. (

The Knowledge Transfer Network is proud to support the ESCO initiative.


Knowledge Centres Driving innovation

The three main challenge areas are shown below, although our work is by no means limited to these three areas, as can be seen from our work in the Special Interest Groups of Internet of Things, Smart DC, Smart Energy and the Connected Digital Economy Catapult group.

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