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Solving the Challenges of Developing eHealth Solutions


The UK is a major centre for innovation in electronics. There have been many developments in medical electronics in the UK, but it is felt the industry has not truly taken advantage of the large market opportunity.

ESP-KTN and NMI are running this event, focused on medical electronics, to develop a better understanding of this market opportunity. The event will study the challenges in developing electronic product solutions for the medical market. Building on the experiences of industry experts we will look to understand where these challenges lie: on technical implementation, market understanding, certification or clinical reluctance to adopt new technology.

Presentations will include from following organisations:

BitWise - Fergus Duncan
"Writing software for medical device approval"

Plextek - Jon Lewis
"How to create a global customer base and wide product portfolio"

Sharp - Campbell Brown

Toumaz - Richard McPartland
"SensiumVitals a single patient use wireless vital signs monitoring system" "IEEE802.15.6 ultra low power Wireless Body Area Network"

University of Westminster - Professor Izzet Kale & Steve Morris
"Technologies and Research activities for ultra-low power medical devices"

Following the presentations there will be a debate on what are the key opportunities and challenges for electronics companies in the medical electronics market.

For more information about this event, please visit the event websites:

(NMI site):

(KTN site):


Register at:

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