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Electronics Systems - Supply Chain Survey

Electronic Systems are Systems or Products dependent on the deployment of Electronic Technology within them. 

Electronic Systems are Pervasive today. They are the 'technology' behind the smart products we see on the shelves, but also invisibly behind the improved performance and delivery of most of society's infrastructure. Analysts agree that improvements in all areas of society and the economy will be facilitated by increasing their deployment and integration.

Today's Electronic Systems are the outcome of inter-national and inter-business cooperation and teamwork, utilising the expertise of many and varied operations wherever they are located. Accordingly their design and reproduction creates business and economic contribution in all involved nations. As globalisation becomes more entrenched and Electronic Systems more diverse and complex; the diversity in their design, creation and reproduction will increase to the point that they are truly global in creation, use and contribution. 

The UK Electronics Systems Community includes UK based businesses and stakeholders who are involved in the research, design, qualification, production, manufacture, installation, maintenance and distribution of electronics systems, their sub-systems or components.

Following a series of meetings with Senior Executives from industry and academia, Mark Prisk, Minister of State for Business & Enterprise endorsed the development of the report and is keen to understand the actions that Government can take to support this strategically and economically important community.

The ESCO (Electronic Systems Challenges and Opportunities) Report - see is being written to report on the sector and the opportunities for its development.

The objective is to raise the profile of the UK Electronic Systems Community in the eyes of Government and identify and sponsor initiatives that will enable it to expand and prosper. The first priority is to produce a “State-of-the-nation” report to identify and quantify this community in the UK, and provide a strategic blueprint for its future.

ESP KTN has contributed to the R&D section of the report and is now taking the lead on the Supply Chain section.  We have generated an on-line questionaire to allow us to consult as widely as possible.

Please go to and add your input.



Nigel Rix

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