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Patent Landscape Study highlights Energy Harvesting focus on automotive applications

The patent landscape analysis conducted by the Intellectual Property Office on request from the Knowledge Transfer Network provided a snapshot of innovation in thermoelectric energy generators (TEGs) over the last 10 years. Toyota (Japan) was the top patent applicant.

Toyota has the most patent families (391) of any of the applicants in the TEG patent landscape. The inventions that these families seek to protect relate to a variety of different TEG applications with many inventions relating to thermoelectric generation systems for motor vehicles (e.g. JP2005051934A), vehicle exhaust gas TEGs (e.g. JP2013110218A), thermoelectric materials for seawater temperature difference TEGs (e.g. JP2008311247A) and grain oriented ceramics used for solar TEGs (e.g. US2003/0013596A1).

More information about TEG and other Energy Harvesting technologies will be available to all interested parties at the Energy Harvesting 2015 conference.

Energy Harvesting 2015, co-organised by the EH SIG and the Energy Harvesting Network,  looks at thermoelectric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, non-linear, broadband, MEMS, indoor light and textile based energy harvesting as well as energy management and RF power transfer. The event, which also features demonstations and speakers from industry and academia, takes place in London on 19 March 2015, more details from the Energy Harvesting Network.

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