Rethinking the Economics of Pensions: Is There a Crisis of Pensions or of Pensions Governance and Regulation?

Pensions give rise to major policy questions about economic performance

and social welfare. But it is an open question whether these amount to the kind of existential crisis some are claiming for both public and private sector pension schemes. Changes have been made to regulation and governance in recent years, yet problems continue to worsen, prompting a need to reconsider the basic economic ideas underpinning both pension schemes and their regulation. This has become particularly pressing due to the financial crisis and continuing recession. Just as new economic thinking is happening in other areas of economic policy in the wake of the financial crisis, particularly macro-economics and financial stability, this conference is intended to contribute to new thinking on pensions.

This can only be done by bringing together academics, industry professionals, government and members and trustees in a dialogue, enabling economic theory to be informed by evidence based on practice. Out of these new perspectives can emerge. We believe the conference held in March 2013 made a substantial contribution to that aim.

In this group we have made available the entire set of slides and academic papers presented and discussed at the conference. For additional information on the specific subjects please contact the author directly.

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