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Feasibility Studies Competition: Digital Services for Growth


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Q&A 7: On selecting the right challenge area

Question:  If my proposal overlaps two or more of the four challenge areas, how do I chose? Can I select more than one?



The challenge areas have a natural overlap and we expect - and welcome -  proposals  falling in the overlaps.

However, the application form allows you to select only ONE of the four challenge areas. So how can you choose if you are not sure?


For instance, if you are proposing a digital service that involves a sensor network producing data stored and analysed in the cloud, which undepins  a digital service in the health  domain, you would be in all four areas.

How do you choose? 

We advise that you look at where the challenge and innovation-related risk is in the study and  compare that with the nature of the digital service that you are concerned with - and see whether there a dominant aspect of the project.   If still in  doubt, however, please contact us.
Please bear in mind that we do not allow double submissions for  the same project in separate areas - it may trigger a disqualification.





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Hi Maurizio, thanks for the info.
If the project overlaps, could you apply twice but with each project focussing on its respective area (which wouldnt have been explored to such an extent without the project, but each could still stand on their own)?

hope this makes sense, thanks
Posted on 02/02/11 15:23.
Yes, it is possible, but if there is too much overlap, or they should clearly go together, the advice is not to. You also have to consider if the two projects together form a stronger proposal.
Remember that you have to register twice if you plan to submit two applications.
Posted on 02/02/11 20:49 in reply to John Rooney.

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