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Feasibility Studies Competition: Digital Services for Growth


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Q&A 5 Internet of Things: Is RFID in scope?


Question:  "If Internet of Things is considered to be within scope – why is “Radio-frequency identification (RFID) for supply chain management or inventory management applications” considered out of scope?

Is it the RFID hardware component of the (e.g.) inventory management applications that is out of scope but other RTLS technologies would be considered to be in scope?"


The scope of this competition is wide - as it should for feasibility studies on this type  -  but in order to be in scope applications should focus on emerging Digital Services.   Proposals focussed primarily  on advances in hardware or other components and lacking a strong digital services element are likely to be considered out of scope at assessment stage. 

The reasons why we decided to  exclude RFID for supply chain management or inventory management is because -  while still growing and with lots to do -  that technology in, and together with, those application areas is rather mature with a large number of players and users. 

Other technologies  are potentially  in scope as long as, as mentioned, proposals are focussed, and make the case for,  new or emerging digital services.  

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