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Seeking Partners for CADI2 and Metadata tools

Collaboration Across Digital Industries 2

Brunel University are seeking innovative design companies and media companies (see below) with which to partner on the current CADI 2 competition.  We can assist in several ways, with our current focus being:

  • how to monetise multiple design inputs within new product development (NPD) and innovation;
  • monetising within an open innovation context;
  • improving recognition of the added value throughout the entire product value chain.

This is applicable to many design & innovation intensive industries, e.g., the packaging sector.


Specifically for media companies (e.g., film TV, publishing):

  • understand and identify exactly where in value is being created in the development - production - distribution cycle (for film, TV, publishing industries) in the new digital environment in order to monetise more successfully along the whole value chain;
  • new business model development.

We have considerable metadata expertise which could be used to assist the above.

Specifically for the Metadata production tools competition, expertise in:

  • multi-modal analysis;
  • automatic metadata generation (e.g., from video).

I'd be delighted to hear from you.  You may contact me by:


tel.: 07948 978972


Deepak Gupta

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