Benefits of membership

Technology and equipment

Although many decentralised energy technologies use proven technology, there is a common misconception that the sector is unproven, expensive and risky. Investors want access to comparative performance data and reassurance on the long-term commercial viability of technology supply companies. We can help you with funding and partnering (brokerage) activity to address these concerns.

Perceived uncertainty and risk

Lack of familiarity and visible installations can lead to perceptions of greater technical risk than for conventional energy sources. These perceptions may increase required rates of return, or result in less capital availability. We can help you build backing for demonstrator activity.

Technical Expertise

The planning and regulation of energy generation and distribution isn't straightforward. The timescales and complexity of dealing with local planning processes are difficult to align with financial decision-making cycles for non-core business activity. We can help with the skills gaps and knowledge exchange.

Focusing Effort

The legislative forces intended to influence key markets for renewables can be a blunt instrument. Agendas like Low Carbon, Climate Change, Building and Planning Regulations, and The Code for Sustainable Homes encompass many things, but may leave an ill-defined forward path. We can help with (for example) policy debates and expert workshops in topic specific areas to increase focus.


Although incentives are in place in the UK to encourage innovation in renewable technologies, gaps in the system have often prevented successful commercialisation. Sustained investment will be crucial and this needs a consistent policy framework aimed at improving risk/reward ratios for demonstration and pre-commercial stage technologies. We can help with blue skies academic brokerage.