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Integrated wetland biomass to bioenergy demonstrations

The UK undertakes a considerable amount of land management activities on private and public land, for example to maintain parkland or to conserve wildlife habitats. This land management results in the production of biomass waste that in many cases are either burned or left to decompose.

Last year DECC invested £2million to develop and demonstrate an efficient bioenergy system that optimises existing wetland management activities and utilises the biomass waste. The successful projects have demonstrated;

  • Optimisation of wetland management processes to increase harvested biomass in a manner sympathetic to wetland habitat conservation requirements and limitations
  • Efficient production of bioenergy feed stock utilising the resultant biomass (reeds, rushes, grasses and sedges) that comply with emission standards or equivalents when used to generate energy
  • A cost effective and energy/carbon efficient bioenergy conversion process capable of utilising the specified biomass waste.

The project leaders would like to offer you the opportunity to attend a free demonstration of their integrated processes. To register your interest to attend one or more of the demonstration events click on the links below;

29th or 30th January 2014, Westhay, Somerset – AB systems

12th or 13th February 2014, Darsham, Suffolk – AB Systems

5th or 6th March 2014, Westhay, Somerset – Natural Synergies

19th or 20th March 2014, Kingussie, Scotland – AMW/IBERS

These events will benefit businesses, community groups, academics, researchers and local authorities in the following sectors; Environment, Energy and Agriculture with an interest in bioenergy and energy from waste.

If you have any questions relating to the demonstration events please contact Jenni McDonnell ( or Anne Miller ( at the ESKTN.


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