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Biofuel Series: Anaerobic Digestion Event in Dundee

On the 4th September 2013 the ESKTN and Scottish Biofuel Programme hosted a workshop in Dundee to present the benefits of anaerobic digestion to industry, academia, research and other non-government organisations in the water, food and energy industries. 

The event was well received and cover topics such as large and small scale energy generation, opportunities for the food and water industries and funding opportunities for the industry. The event included a chance for the delegates to give their opinion on the challenges and opportunities for AD in Scotland and the UK.

The presentations and a summary of the discussions are available below.

1. The science behind anaerobic digestion - Joseph Akunna, University of Abertay, Dundee

2. Commercial deployment of AD: the global perspective - Jorin Mamen, BiofuelNet, Canada

3. Large scale onsite energy generation - Pat Howe, Scottish and Southern Energy

4. Opportunities for the water industry - Gordon Reid, Scottish water

5. Opportunities for the food industry - Richard Gueterbock, Clearfleau

6. Small scale onsite energy generation - Moray Finch, Mull and Iona Community Trust

7. AD Funding - Alison McKinnie, Zero Waste Scotland

8. Scottish Biofuel Programme - Colin Robertson

9. Summary of breakout discussions


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