The Digital group was formed in April 2010 to develop the strategy and invest in strategic initiatives in one of the key priority area for the Technology Strategy Board, Digital.

Our mission is to help innovative businesses unlock the economic potential of digital technology, by identifying and addressing systemic challenges and resolving tensions between people, processes and technology.
The Digital group is working with businesses and organisations across the entire scope of digital industries, including both private and public sector, understanding their innovation needs and how these complement one another.  
Strategy and investments
 In October 2010 we published our Digital Strategic Update and we work with key stakeholders and industry to address the most important systemic issues that if solved, would lead to significant  economic benefit in a range of sectors.  
Current investments and programmes 
The Digital Testbed  IC tomorrow
Active investments and past  programmes
Knowledge Transfer Networks
We work closely in partnership with our Knowledge Transfer Networks, in particular the ICT KTN, the ESP KTN and the Creative Industries KTN.  Please join these KTNs to find out more, join the thriving business community and hear about forthcoming events and initiatives. 

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This is the Digital Team's group. A group containing everything digital.

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