The Design Special Interest Group (SIG)

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Innovate UK believes that Design is a powerful tool when used effectively throughout an entire R&D project – from concept to commercialisation. It can lead to time and cost savings and to better project outcomes. Design can have a positive impact in three core areas in particular:

  • desirability – what attracts someone to want/use something;
  • usability – how it is then used, and
  • feasibility – how these attributes are delivered.

It is therefore committed to fostering a better understanding of the role of design in innovation, and to supporting its development across the range of sectors supported by Innovate UK.



The Design Special Interest Group is led on behalf of Innovate UK by the Knowledge Transfer Network's Creative Industries Community.

Our Design Advisory Group is run under the leadership of Sebastian Conran, and a number of agencies and advisers have been involved in the development of a workplan, including the Design Council and DBA, and also including a number of partner communities within the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Work to inform the development and delivery of the SIG workplan is led by Edward Hobson and Barry Waddilove.