Identifying the problem

Design can help your organisation understand the challenges to innovation in creating a successful product or service.

First consider the size and nature of the challenges in the market for your business. It would be useful to draw together a variety of people across the organisation – such as finance, marketing, R&D – to help explore this.

At this early stage, you are simply trying to identify what sort of help you might need. You might even consider it useful to bring in designers to support this exploratory phase and helping articulate the problem you're trying to address.


Useful links for refining ideas' development

At this stage is it about identifying areas of interest and possible gaps. Nesta has developed toolkits to help outline these stages, including understanding prototyping and models of innovation. There are many other tools, the best are often the simplest.

Business model canvas

Circular canvas


Start to clarify your requirements through drafting a brief

The brief represents a common starting point for internal conversations and discussion as well as a tool for you to use when searching for and selecting designers.

All designers will need some information on the background to your business, the nature of the specific project as well as what you will need from them.


Useful links on writing a brief

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