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Technological innovation to revolutionise life for ageing population and benefit economy

The latest report, “Opportunity Knocks”, published by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK), in conjunction with the IET and the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Design Centre highlights that technological innovation could revolutionise life for the ageing population and benefit the economy.
The report highlights a number of ideas, including:
  • Kettles which monitors blood pressure
  • 3D printed custom grips for Zimmer frames, walking sticks and other mobility aids
  • ‘Cuddle cushions’ which would allow relatives being able to send each other cuddles
  • Smart water bottles which would prompt people to drink more to prevent dehydration
  • Accessible and modern “Boris Scooters” (or segways) in towns and cities to help people get around

It argues that there is a benefit to UK plc of a design response to ageing. The over 65s in the UK spend around £2.2 billion per week and they could be spending over £6 billion per week (£312 billion per annum) by 2037.


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