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City Demonstrator Learning Events - register your interest now

Opportunities for urban authorities to access use cases for future cities solutions, and to have a say on the future of InnovateUK’s Urban Living Programme.
Over the past 2 years, InnovateUK has invested £33m in future cities demonstrators across Glasgow, London, Bristol and Peterborough.
The projects were designed to enable businesses to test new solutions for connecting and integrating individual city systems, and to allow cities to explore new approaches to delivering a good local economy and excellent quality of life, whilst reducing the environmental footprint and increasing resilience to environmental change. These are now at a point where projects have been implemented and the learning is being captured.
A series of workshops, one in each demonstrator city, will draw together the key players who made these interventions fly, sharing their learning and insights with other cities to help address a common challenge of how to mobilise investment in new smart city initiatives. Local authorities that can redefine problems in more systemic ways will be better able to work as effective partners for the future cities solutions being developed and the intention of these workshops is to help enable you to do that.
Each one day event is free to attend and places will be prioritised for city authority officers and members. Businesses are welcome to attend subject to availability of spaces and being invited to by a participating city. As well as creating an opportunity for direct learning, the events will also help InnovateUK best understand current city challenges to ensure continued relevance to emerging needs, and provide a stimulus for ongoing conversations between cities.
Please also leave comments (in the comment box provided on the page when you register) to highlight particular issues which you would be interested to hear more about from the city demonstrators.
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