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Call for experts - Horizontal Innovation

Horizontal innovation is the effective transfer of knowledge and technology from one sector to another, currently exploited on an ‘ad hoc’ basis in the UK. There is significant room for an increased and improved national approach - based upon pre-existing technologies and processes, and delivering huge potential benefits in terms of scale, time to market and relative costs.
A partnership between the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) has been formed by the Design and Production Sector in order to address this lack of widespread exploitation, to benefit the UK business technology community as a whole.
Working together to create a more systematic exploitation of existing knowledge and technology across sectors, whilst offering an enormous opportunity for innovation in general, the collaboration will be showcased at an exciting launch later this year.
Get Involved
Do you have an interest in Horizontal Innovation or experience of successful technology transfer from one Sector to another?  Do you have knowledge of a pre-existing technology and process that could be adopted from its current market? Perhaps a technology that you would like to see transferred across Sectors? Or a product that has cross sectoral capabilities that could potentially be exploited?
In the coming months, the Design and Production Sector will be exploring the opportunities for innovation within the UK business technology community, and would love to hear your feedback.  Do you think that there is a potential for a new community that looks to share knowledge and explore different cross sectoral opportunities? Almost a horizontal innovation marketplace?
If you would like to be involved in the Horizontal Innovation programme please contact Design and Production Sector Head Megan Phipps at
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