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BDI Rebrands as the British Industrial Design Association

British Design Innovation Limited (BDI) has recently announced that it will operate as the British Industrial Design Association (BIDA).

The new name and brand focuses on ‘representing the best in service, interaction and product design’, the three core components of modern industrial design.

Leveraging the highly respected status of its members BIDA will continue promoting British industrial design skills to industry, government and the wider design community, including overseas where BIDA will build on its recently acquired status as one of UK Trade & Investment’s Trade Challenge Partners.

BIDA also has a new CEO, Mark Roelofsen, who has worked with and in trade associations for over 15 years. In announcing the change BIDA Chair, Gus Desbarats, said ‘The new name clearly explains to our stakeholders who we represent, and Mark’s appointment heralds an exciting future for the association, and more importantly our members’.

Desbarats continued, ‘Industrial Designers are unsung heroes in the manufacturing and service economies, creating stunning levels of ROI, and helping generate substantial revenues and exports for UK companies. Under Mark and the new name, BIDA intends to relay that message loudly to industry, government and overseas, and add real value to member companies’.

Another new initiative recently completed by BIDA Board Directors Gus Desbarats and Leslie Stokes is the new draft National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the industrial design industry. These have been developed in conjunction with Creative and Cultural Skills and are currently out for consultation ( The new standards will ultimately help industrial design companies develop and grow by ensuring new entrants to the industry are equipped with the skills required work in it.

Mark Roelofsen, CEO, said ‘practical initiatives such as the NOS, conferences, an export programme and promoting our message to industry will be at the core of our activity for the next year. I look forward to developing strong partnerships with our members and stakeholders in design, industry and government, so the work of industrial design is properly recognised and developed’.ENDS APPROX 375 WORDS

Additional notes:

Industry stakeholders are asked to replace any branding currently on their websites or in any forthcoming publications with the new BIDA logo with effect form 21st September. Contact Mark Roelofsen for a logo on 07960 934369

BIDA is the new operating name of British Design Innovation Ltd. See

BIDA is the specialist association for industrial designers working within consultancies, in-house, or in academia.

To speak to Gus Desbarats call: 07711 708083 To speak to Mark Roelofsen call 07960 934369 or email

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