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Case Study: Titan Enterprises

Dorset-based technology firm, Titan Enterprises, had spent almost ten years developing a revolutionary ultrasound meter for measuring the flow of various liquids. But Titan lacked the product design and branding expertise to ensure the technology fulfilled its commercial potential.

Referred to the Design Council’s Designing Demand programme by Business Link, Titan was given access to an expert ‘Design Associate’, who worked with the Titan team over an extended period to help re-shape their product development process.


The Design Associate helped to clarify Titan’s needs, and worked with them to commission and manage a product design and re-branding project.

The product launched in April 2010, and by 2011 the number of Titan’s expert markets had leapt by almost 70%



As Titan’s CEO put it: ‘The whole experience has been cathartic. It made us look at the whole way we present the company and its products - from literature to calibration certificates - in a different way. And it has raised my understanding and awareness of the business role of design...For us, it is an extremely big deal which will transform us from a manufacturer to a global licensing business’.

More info on this project can be found here


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