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Arup Design Book: 50 city stories explored

Arup's 'Design Book: 50 city stories explored' brings together projects of all kinds delivered for and with cities around the world.

'We examine the ideas that help make great urban places – through design that is intelligent, beautiful, green, resilient, responsible and future-facing...

Cities must tackle a diverse set of challenges. To name a few, they must deal with urbanisation, changing demographics, climate change, economic growth, water scarcity and congestion. The world’s cities must differentiate themselves, to attract the increasingly mobile global workforce, tourists and inward investment.More than anything, cities must be fit for purpose today while anticipating the possibilities of tomorrow.
In the Arup Design Book, 50 city stories explored, we explore some of our responses to the often-conflicting demands placed on cities.
As the projects featured in the book show, cities have the opportunity to make many interventions for improvement, becoming greener, more intelligent, beautiful, future facing, responsible and resilient. These themes inform our discussions within this book, as they do our work with cities worldwide.'
"Design in a city is about thinking about something in a different way. It’s new associations; it’s kind of a change of angle. Sometimes that’s radical, sometimes it’s kind of very evolutionary, but it’s always got to be new, because otherwise you’re just repeating, you’re mimicking – you’re not designing."
Malcolm Smith, Global Masterplanning and Urban Design Leader, Arup
Electronic version of the book available here.
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