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Impact Protection Workshop

At the end of 2014, KTN ran a workshop focussed on impact protection – an area of particular interest to the sports and defence industries, but also applicable to the care and health industries. 
Delegates were from a variety of sectors and included some younger designers. The day featured a number of group sessions, during which small groups huddled around one of the oddly attired mannequins placed around the room. One mannequin wore a karate gi, one a military helmet, two more wore regular clothes identifying them with a particular age bracket. The persona and impact protection needs of each mannequin were discussed and ways of meeting these needs were brainstormed. 
The event also featured a number of talks from members of academia and those associated with industry. These outlined particular industry requirements as well as explaining recent innovations. Speakers included:
Dr Andrew Alderson, Principal Research Fellow, Sheffield Hallam University
Professor Jaana Beidler, Professor of Color and Material Design, Aalto University (Finland)
Dr Xiaogang Chen, Reader, University of Manchester
Lucy Follett, Performance Ergonomist, English Institute of Sport
Guy Robinson , Director, Sprout Design
Chris Sawyer, Lead Technologist, Innovate UK
Dr Mark Taylor, Research Fellow, University of Leeds
David Tyler, Reader, Manchester Metropolitan University
A white paper will be produced in 2015 from all the information gathered at this event.
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