Creating a critical mass of citizens who can become active managers of their own health and care by providing them with the digital tools that allow them to own, reflect on, learn from, use and share their health information with professionals, friends, family and carers

Year Zero is a three year programme supported by the Technology Strategy Board and Department of Health as part of the dallas programme to deliver telehealth, telecare and assisted living at scale.

The program is a partnership between five leading NHS providers and four innovative companies: Illumina Digital, NHS Local, Liverpool Community Health Trust, South Warwickshire Foundation Trust, Moray Community Health and Social Care Partnership and the Rotherham Foundation Trust, Sitekit, Kameleon, Maverick and Microsoft. The program brings together expertise in healthcare, design, media and technology with the aim of developing user-centred tools for digital patients which can deliver new digital healthcare services. Their collective aim is to start a revolution in health services with citizens taking greater control of their own health and wellbeing; transforming the relationship between patients and health care professionals in much the same way as has happened in retail banking and travel over the past ten years.

This program is in line with the recent government Mandate which states that the NHS must achieve a significant increase in the use of technology to help people manage their health and care.

In particular, the Government expects that by March 2015 everyone who wishes will be able to get online access to their own health records held by their GP; everyone will be able to have secure electronic communication with their GP practice with the option of e-consultations becoming much more widely available and that those with long-term conditions should be better supported by telehealth and telecare to enable them to manage and monitor their condition at home.

Year Zero will achieve its aims by creating a suite of innovative digital services and apps each of which will be supported by, or interact with, an individual's Personal Health Record (PHR) – an online record owned by the patient, allowing them to add and organise personal health information, as well as to integrate health records from different providers, and share this with other individuals and institutions at will. Products currently being rolled out through Year Zero include eRedbook a digital version of the familiar Redbook (the Personal Child Health Record) and personalised care planning tool A Better Plan, which is due for public release this summer.