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The Year Zero consortium is a partnership of NHS providers and commercial companies led by Illumina Digital, a Digital Life Sciences company. Year Zero aims to use personal health records to transform the health sector in much the same way as has already happened in retail, travel and finance.


The project has developed a number of innovative digital products each of which are supported by, or can interact with, an individual's personal health record (PHR) - an online record owned by the patient, allowing them to add and organise personal health information.


Products developed through Year Zero to date include the online personal care planning tool A Better Plan, digital care and support network Good Neighbours, a diabetes goal-tracking app uMotif and a digital version of the Personal Child Health Record (also known as the Redbook) eRedbook.


Year Zero has also introduced a further product into the project to complement the roll-out of the existing products: No Delays is a video-on-demand consultation service that has been developed in partnership with NHS Grampian.

By putting the individual at the centre of the conversation, we aim to empower people to take more control of their life, health and wellbeing.

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i-Focus is exploring the opportunity to catalyse the currently nascent consumer market for assisted living services. It is exploring the role a common overarching or underpinning brand can play. To do so it has created the Warmneighbourhoods® brand. In order to undertake that exploration it is working on a number of approaches to understand what that brand has to be and mean to people. One approach has led to the development of a consumer targeted informal reassurance service model which it has called AroundMe™. That service model is now being used to gauge the market's appetite for such services. Also to see what digital services might already be out there that could fit into the service model. It has also been working in collaboration with Carers UK to explore how digital services can support those that care for those with long term conditions. Through this collaboration a new use of digital technology has resulted in the launch of a service to support informal carers known as AboutMe.   


AboutMe – developing informal carers resilience

Caring for someone can be valuable and rewarding, but without the right support caring can have health, financial and social impacts. This on-line eLearning course provided by Carers UK aims to help carers identify and find resources, technologies and sources of support in order to prevent their caring responsibilities from becoming overwhelming.

The course is being promoted to your Local Authority and your GP surgery so that they can make it available to you. If they've not already adopted the programme then please do let them know of your interest and share it with other informal carers you know or carers groups in your community. If they receive sufficient interest then maybe they will adopt it so it is available to you!

If you're from a Local Authority or a GP surgery or work with either then please do contact us at: [is Maria the right person?]

For more information please visit:

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The dallas smarthome showcases technologies, products and services from across the dallas programme that are aimed at helping people live independantly in their own home.

We built the dallas Smarthouse at an event we ran in the kings fund in London on the 24th June 2014 and populated it with the range of dallas technologies from across the dallas programme including Mi Liverpool, i-Focus, Living It Up Scotland and Year Zero.


Living It Up Scotland

Shine is a tool to engage users in finding their skills, interests and sometimes forgotten hidden talents! This simple online tool takes users through a fun quiz and then presents the user with personalised and local opportunities to get more involved in their community, whether it be a social activity, like hill walking or bridge, or taking that first step to 'give back' - where skills and interests are matched to volunteering opportunities that suit their circumstances.

Flourish has a set of interactive tools that help people stay healthy, happy and safe. From 'experienced guides' that allow people to share their health and care experiences, to self management tools ,including what digital postcards, trusted information along with 'what keeps you well' trackers, that will give you the opportunity to look after yourself and the people you care for.

Discover is an interactive tool that will find hyper local information within your local community, even within a few miles of your home/work. This could be general information delivered in different formats, including video, to social groups along with products and services all personal to your needs. Discover will also allow the user to find brand new ideas that are still under development, giving business's an opportunity to share and get feedback from real users.

Connect allows users to link up to other people using a range of tools, in particular video, to speak to your doctor, nurse, social worker, do an exercise class or even just speak with friends and family. You can also find out 'how to' use a range of technology from email, to working your tablet or smart phone to support a happier, healthier and safer life. Letting you stay in touch with folk that care, all from the comfort of your own home/community


Mi Liverpool