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i-Focus will deliver three workstreams that will bring technical and strategic coherence, cross-sector collaboration, consumer-focussed innovation, and real commercial scale to the dallas programme.

It will realise our vision of anyone, anywhere in the UK, being able to access support, advice, diagnosis, and help, securely and directly from trusted organisations using simple, consumer devices of their choosing.

The i-Focus consortium includes Microsoft, Healthcare Gateway, KPMG, British Gas, Tunstall, Tynetec, TheAlloy, and thinkpublic; and is actively seeking wider industry involvement. Our expert panel includes representatives from the international healthcare interoperability body HL7, the Telecare Services Association (TSA), the UK telco network interoperability group NICC, NHS Connecting for Health, Intellect, the “3 Million Lives” programme, the Whole Systems Demonstrator (WSD),  and the MHRA. 

i-Focus will help the dallas communities develop their system architectures to support interoperation between all the multiple services and multiple suppliers, across the programme.

Our approach is that interoperability strategy should be led by the needs and wants of system end-users, professionals, commissioners and other stakeholders. Interoperability is a means to an end - there should be a compelling  business case for any  investment in interoperability. This philosophy is encapsulated in the concept of use-case-driven interoperability profiles.

Our process is:  (i) engage and build relationships based on trust; (ii) prioritise the interoperability profiles to be addressed based on desired user experience, service requirements and commercial drivers; (iii) develop service and business requirements per profile; (iv) develop architectural and technical requirements that are both vendor-agnostic and freely available; (v) develop compliance processes based on these requirements  to support branding. This will ensure interoperability between the dallas communities, and between dallas and other programmes, and make interoperability meaningful to commissioners and end users.

As a result of i-Focus' work, by  2015, people across the UK will be able to select from a wide range of innovative AL services, via existing consumer channels as well via third sector and statutory organisations.

i-Focus-enabled consumer services delivered by i-Focus retail partners will be self-sustaining on subscription revenues, and will be increasingly used by the statutory sector as well to help support the vulnerable or unwell.  All citizens across the dallas programme will have a choice of at least two types and manufacturers of devices for accessing the main categories of Assisted Living services; and all commissioners across the dallas will programme have true choice of supplier for all components of established end-user-facing AL services.

The i-Focus / “i3i” consumer brand will have national recognition and will be frequently in national mainstream media as shorthand for the concept of technology-mediated access to health and care services. People know that the i3i kitemark means that they can choose devices, services and access methods that suit them, and that they will be safe, secure, and "just work".



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