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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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Who are we?

The Cyber Security initiative within the ICT KTN is managed by QinetiQ, an activity which involves delivering the energy and glue required to achieve critical mass and momentum in order for the KTN to succeed.

The ICT KTN is primarily funded by the Technology Strategy Board.

The Delivery Manager of the Cyber Security initiative is Tony Dyhouse, QinetiQ.

Tony Dyhouse

Tony is one of QinetiQ's senior managers, and brings with him a wealth of experience in the areas of Information Risk Management, Network Intrusion Detection, Penetration Testing, Incident response and Forensics. His career spans over 25 years in the IT industry with experience in telemetry, operational management of WANs and LANs and the application of various security technologies. His work has been applied to public and private sectors and Tony is a great advocate of fostering better communication and cooperation between these sectors within the UK. With this in mind he participates in several forums and working groups relating to the threats, old and new, faced by a converging world.