learn more about consumers' current views and expectations around customer service including:
  • The most frequently used customer service channels
  • Assisted service channel preferences
  • Contact Information for uk's top brands like Sky, Vodafone and more.
  • The most important aspects of a satisfying customer experience
  • The growing expectations for customer service in 2016
  • and more!

With more than half of the U.K. consumers surveyed saying that they have higher expectations for service now than they did a year ago, U.K. brands are losing approximately £7.7 billion annually due to poor customer service, consistent delivery of satisfying service across channels has never been more important.

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A little about Customer Services Landscape UK

UK brands are improving customer satisfaction by operating in an agile and innovative ways, Customer Services Landscape UK - State of customer services in UK - Resources: Contacts for Helping uk customers get in touch with their service providers