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Data Visualisation Workshop

Data visualizations are essential for the processes involved in generating, presenting and interpreting large datasets, and traditionally, art and illustration have played a key role in creating representations. However, the field of data visualization has vastly grown with computer science, animation and graphic software, advanced art techniques, and information design. New technologies give us far more sophisticated tools to handle graphic design and data analysis. 
In order to help UK businesses respond to the opportunities around Big Data, the Technology Strategy Board will be launching a competition on Data Exploration in the early part of 2014 https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/data-exploration/overview
The Creative Industries KTN has been asked by the Technology Strategy Board to organize a workshop that explores how data visualisation can become part of the development process across a range of potential applications and in very diverse industrial sectors.
We are planning a multi-disciplinary workshop to explore connections between art, graphics, animation and interaction design to inspire and advance research, innovation and working processes in data visualization. We will bring together:
  • Participants in the creative industries
  • Participants from sectors who have access to large datasets and are looking to explore how to interpret them
  • Participants who are developing tools to explore this space and developing new ways of visualizing large datasets
We are expecting to have inspirational speakers who are developing novel visualization techniques and can demonstrate the emerging opportunities of what is possible by means of interpreting large datasets.
The objectives of the workshop are outlined below:
  • To share ideas and processes in visualization across disciplines
  • To discuss how visual ideas and intentions are transformed by the use of design, different tools and technologies
  • To establish best practices for the community to create, perceive and understand visualizations
  • To bring together people from the creative industries, owners of large datasets and tool developers
For information about the Technology Strategy Board competition visit: https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/data-exploration/overview
Please register your expression of interest to attend this event by emailing: anita@creativeindustriesktn.org

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