Case Studies: funded projects

Knowledge Transfer Network members from the Creative, Digital and Design communities have been funded in sectors as wide-ranging as cinema, games, software and architecture.

Our downloadable PDFs outline some fascinating, innovative projects funded by Innovate UK (previously the Technology Strategy Board) and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Consortium Description Sectors Funding Source
AedasAECOM, BRE and CIBSE ‘Carbonbuzz' allows construction companies to identify the gap between predicted and actual carbon emissions of buildings. Architecture, Construction  Innovate UK
Avanti, Alcatel-Lucent, Docobo and Camvista The ORION project uses satellite broadband to bring 3G services to rural homes and businesses.  Digital Communications Innovate UK
Bare Conductive

A non-toxic conductive ink that allows the wearer to interact with electronics through touch, movement or gesture. 

2014 update: Innovate UK have produced their own case study on Bare Conductive. 

Design, Crafts Innovate UK
The BBC and University of Salford Examining the best way to record, store and transmit 3D audio patterns, increasing the overall sense of viewer immersion. Radio & TV EPSRC
The BBC, QMUL and I Like Music Using metadata to enable easy music discovery and recommendation for broadcasters, producers and eventually consumers. Music, Software Innovate UK
The Guardian, Golant Media Ventures, Idio and Decibel The FAROE project is a cloud-based service which automatically links filmed media content to music and editorial, taking users on a journey of content discovery. Software, Film, Music, TV, Publishing Innovate UK
iGeolise Innovate UK case study on Travel Time, a web tool that turns distance into time, telling people how long it takes to get from A to B. The project was funded through 2012's 'Convergence in a Digital Landscape' competition. Software Innovate UK
Nutshell Communications 'Whose Shoes?' is an innovative tool to help health professionals to see what life is like for service users so they can work together to personalise a fragmented care system. Software, Video Games, Health Innovate UK
OnMyMobilePredictable Network Solutions and Zonerider A technology which overcomes wi-fi and mobile bandwidth overload.  Software Innovate UK
Peratech and London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London By invisibly incorporating sensors into clothes, vital signs can be monitored to enhance health and well being, helping to prevent illness or disease. Fashion, Smart Materials, Health EPSRC
Portal EntertainmentEPSRC A content production company that makes ‘immersive entertainment' has gone from strength to strength with CIKTN input, winning an ICASE Award studentship and making connections through international networking events. Film & Video EPSRC
Portal EntertainmentInnovate UK The next step for Portal Entertainment has been Innovate UK funding to develop a technology which will allow content creators to create a new form of personalised entertainment for their audiences. Film & Video Innovate UK
Procter & Gamble and Cranfield University A digital tool that manages ideas and promotes innovation, helping large companies support smaller ones by growing new opportunities. Software EPSRC
RIBA and Central St Martin's, University of the Arts London The construction industry is set to benefit with semantically-enabled Building Information Models (BIM).  Architecture, Software Innovate UK
Silver Skye Media From basic idea to launch of online GCSE revision aid ‘Stuck on Homework' in less than a year. Film & Video, Software Innovate UK
TangentixUniversity of Bradford and Onteca Development of a technology which allows large, high definition 3D graphics to be compressed and published in real time, on to any web-browsing device. Software, Video Games Innovate UK
totallyradio, UK Radioplayer, University of Westminster, Imagination Technologies and Mixcloud The 'Radio Connected' project was carried out to audit existing standards, business processes and technologies in order to inform future development of internet radio. TV & Radio Innovate UK
Z/Yen Group and London Film Museum Artificially intelligent avatars to help complex online decision-making.  Software Innovate UK



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