Benefits of Membership


Being a member of our community makes you part of a dynamic network of innovators who share knowledge and ideas to make things happen. Membership of also gives you access to the latest information about funding opportunities, competitions and events nationwide that can help your organisation. Our annual programme of events is designed specifically to enable our members to not only influence the big debates on issues affecting the creative industries but also to provide a showcase of some of the latest technology and the people involved.

The bulk of our members, 66 per cent, come from business but we have also successfully managed to reach out into academia, government, professional / trade associations and regional bodies to ensure that our network comprises a broad mix of professionals with a vested interest in dynamic growth of our sector.

Specific membership benefits to business

  • Information about Innovate UK and other funding opportunities
  • Find potential collaborators
  • Platform to promote project / company narratives
  • Current information around tech-related issues with the creative, digital and design industries
  • Increased understanding of technology impact on business models
  • Anticipate opportunities and threats deriving from change

Specific membership benefits to academia

  • Connect to cutting edge industry companies
  • Access to industry expert knowledge
  • Opportunities to set up work placement within industry - route to market
  • Publicise / strengthen research

Specific benefits to professional / trade associations and regional bodies

  • Increased understanding of technology impact on sector businesses
  • Support specific themes through relevant events
  • Advocacy for specific sectors relating to Innovate UK
  • Route to informing own membership about available Innovate UK funding


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