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In the Spotlight: Receptive Cinema: A Novel Interactive Cinema Project Open to Collaboration


Video Image Manipulation Installation - ThinkTank, Science Museum




In the Spotlight: Receptive Cinema: A Novel Interactive Cinema Project open to collaboration


I founded Receptive Cinema™ in order to develop an innovative approach to harnessing the unexplored possibilities within the realm of interactive cinema. My first concept business idea was Emovie™ which was selected as a finalist in the Cisco i-prize Innovation Competition 2010 (3000 participants from 149 countries) to find the next billion dollar business for Cisco. Keith is now seeking collaborators and investors to support his PhD practice-led project at De Montfort University, Leicester and in return the research outcomes and IP can be utilised commercially by the organisations involved.



Cincera (1967) Kinoautomat was the world’s first interactive film. Its interaction consisted in stopping the film 9 times so that audiences could take a vote on which scene to play next. However digital technologies have enabled film directors, designers and producers to create non–linear narratives, where films and narrative are constructed from a database of film clips. Meunier (1998) Hypnosis based on the internet the user interacts through mouse clicks to produce a complete film. Many other digital experiences followed including Manovich (2005) Soft Cinema, VJ Peter Greenaway (2005) Tulse Luper performance, Morten Schjødt (2003), Switching and Cloran & Doron (2007) Late Fragment which invites the audience to change the narrative direction through mouse clicks on a DVD format.


Tikka (2006) Enactive Cinema is perhaps the most novel approach to interactive film and cinema. The process engages the audience through emotional interaction. Therefore it’s the audience’s presence that navigates the story-world journey through different audiovisual streams representing a different perspective based on the audience’s emotion state.


Research Project

The purpose of our research is to explore the complex issues in human psychological and physiological responses to cinema, film and narrative and in particular develop a new direction in Enactive Cinema creating additional novelty through different commercial applications. The user experiences would be delivered through multi-digital platforms using cloud computing. The proposed supporting technologies include: affective computing, intuitive multimodal and interaction technologies such as touch, gestures, gaze, physiological data, speech, sound and motion.


The user interaction sensing will allow profiling derived from emotion and gesture recognition to articulate the user’s relation to narrative scenarios: effectively personalizing their engagement, based on their personality and emotional reactions, without necessarily changing the plot. This means engagement with the story-space or game world will be nuanced in terms of character reactions and mis-en-scene through real-time changes in scene and character reactions using generative, procedural and AI techniques, based on user affective responses and ontology-driven profiling.


Commercial Key Benefits

To collaborate and invest in a pioneering research project that delivers innovative alternative digital content and applications for the high growth digital cinema and home digital entertainment markets.

  • Audience presence drives the story-world restructuring and narrative
  • Transcends cinema or gaming experience through multi-sensory interaction and multi platforms e.g. TV, Cinema, PC, Mobile
  • New form of pervasive entertainment
  • Creation of meaningful personalised content
  • Located on a server (cloud computing) to eliminate duplication, downloading content and film piracy
  • New cinematic experience for Hollywood style blockbuster film promotional events in cinema lobby Areas (Installation)
  • Novel format for independent film makers
  • Global licensing opportunities

Keith Bound is seeking innovative SME’s and investors to collaborate in the research and commercial development of a novel approach to interactive cinema.


For more information or an informal discussion please contact:

Keith Bound

Receptive Cinema

E:  receptivecinema@virginmedia.com 

W: www.receptive-cinema.co.uk

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