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The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has refreshed its online platform to intelligently connect you to relevant events, funding, thought pieces and specialist staff to help your business innovate and grow.

You can discover content using your area of interest, from Digital Creative to transport; from space to health – all major UK economic sectors are covered. Once you have selected your interests, using our intelligent tagging system, we will then display rich and relevant content related to your area, often from surprising sources.

An example might be new satellite technology from the space sector that is applicable in the agri-food sector. KTN-UK.co.uk will help you form these unusual and valuable connections.

All content on the platform has been carefully curated by our team of innovation specialists – not by an automated algorithm – so you can be confident that KTN is connecting you to the most relevant cutting-edge information.


The move also marks a closer alignment with our main funder, Innovate UK , with the website branding making a clear visual link. Knowledge Transfer Network is Innovate UK's innovation network partner, and also works with other funders to provide innovation networking services and fulfil our mission to drive UK growth.

We link new ideas and opportunities with expertise, markets and finance through our network of businesses, universities, funders and investors. From agri-food to autonomous systems and from energy to design, KTN combines expertise in all sectors with the ability to cross boundaries. Connecting with KTN can lead to potential partners, horizon-expanding events and innovation insights relevant to your needs.

Visit our people pages to connect directly with expertise in your sector.

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CIKTN International Strategy - what would be useful to you?

Here at the CIKTN we are currently looking at our international activity over the next 12-24 months and would be interested in your thoughts. 


Following on from successful events in partnership with the UK Science Innovation Network in Berlin and Amsterdam, the CIKTN have two more in planning - on User-Centred Design during Helsinki Design Week and a focus on European Copyright and IP Policy, details and location of which we hope to confirm shortly.


But how else might we extend our international programme? What would be most useful to you in your daily business?

  • What are the key challenges and opportunities driven by technology developments that the creative industries face? What are the emerging drivers and trends UK innovators can strategically exploit in order to gain global profile and market advantage?
  • Of the BRICs, India and China are clearly enormous emerging economies. Yet do those marketplaces offer realistic opportunities for small UK businesses? Brazil overtook the UK as the 6th largest economy but is there an active trade between UK and South America?
  • Do UK creatives still look to the US first or are European neighbours more addressable, tangible markets?

There are already partner agencies like UKTI and Chinwag driving commercial trade missions (and we’d work with them rather than duplicate), so where could CIKTN make a tangible connection for you? International events, market intelligence, client connections, trade event reports, signposting other activity?


As a membership organisation we aim to reflect your needs and welcome your feedback in order that our future international strategy reflects your priorities and requirements.


Please comment below or contact Mark Leaver directly by email at: mark@creativeindustriesktn.org



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Having spent some 25 years working overseas, I have witnessed the various trade missions in different parts of the world and the British in general are not good at selling, marketing and promotion. I get a couple of Chinese e-mails every day from small engineering firms offering their products, I've no idea where they get my details.
The expats always have their own societies and clubs, everywhere from Kuwait to Kuala Lumpur, with the British Council, consulates and embassies having their trade promotion departments.
I feel a few permanent creative industries representatives in the Far East and Middle east would be worthwhile, with the local contacts, local chamber of commerce, businessmens clubs etc. With strong support from the UK in meeting orders and specifications.
Posted on 29/03/12 13:26.
Thanks Tony - and to be clear you'd differentiate those representatives as industry professionals rather than the various UKTI posts in those regions?
Posted on 30/03/12 14:32 in reply to Tony Smee.
Yes Mark, the trade centres are often little more than a library reading room of brochures & leaflets, with a few local staff. The big international contracts would go through the embassy staff, so there may be a niche for a creative industries dedicated representative in many places as their TV, film, arts & concert industres develop.

If a film or TV company in Singapore is buying material, the buyers need to feel comfortable with the products & offerings, and go for a meal or a night out somewhere, even speak Mandarin or Cantonese and be familiar with local customs. The local guy can judge whether this is long term supply connection or a one off project. Maybe he covers all south east asia, but he knows the markets and opportunities as they come up.
This contrasts with a sales pitch from a visiting trade delegation on a fixed time schedule or the staff at the trade centre in the embassy.
None of this is new, British American Tobbacco have a man based in Kuala Lumpur, and there are lots of freelance expats representing UK firms on a commission basis. But a creative industries representative from the creative industries sounds like an innovation.
Posted on 30/03/12 18:24.
Without a doubt the first export order is a bit scary, I had to read the letters of credit documents a dozen times, it took me a week to get it all clear in my head. Then a long talk with the bank about the various cash release arrangements.
In fact the bank saved me from a possible swindler in Sri Lanka where thay can have stuff released from customs with a bribe without releasing the money to your account, then it expires and he gets away with the goods and you don't get paid.
Booklets and internet guides even chambers of commerce, are not enough, so I'd say someone to guide you practically, like staying with your business, in your office, while the first order goes through would be a big plus. Like selling on ebay or learning to drive, it's easy when you've done it a few times.
Posted on 30/03/12 18:41.
I contacted the film maker who produced the Melvin Bragg 3 part documentary for BBC, "Class & Culture", from about 1900 to the present. Very interesting as it told my life story from bottom working class, street life, poverty, grammar school, university and all the class barriers which blocked my way.
Anyway I had a good chat about making a film about British invention, British Innovation, the workshop of the world, the industrial decline with Margaret Thatcher, up to the present. Looks like they are going ahead.
I was wondering what support I would need if I was such a documentary maker. I would not be short of technical expertise, video processing & editing, nor computer graphics and simulation, perhaps not even funding. My most pressing need would be markets, sales, who to contact, market intelligence.
So I feel the efforts of the Technology Strategy Board are a bit misguided, most businesses are not looking for a new world beating cutting edge innovation in technology, but simply to do what they are doing in a more successful way using the latest technology.
Posted on 31/03/12 13:15.

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