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Why monitor stuff? Got an answer now...

Today I was at the Centre for Smart Infrastructure & Construction (CSIC) .

An excellent morning discussing structural health monitoring of bridges.    The CSIC team were searching for for feedback from the industry partners that their research was heading in the right direction.


During the session I could not stop thinking about the similarities between monitoring of a physical infrastructure and the monitoring that is undertaken in the IT layer.   The challenge when monitoring IT though is often striking a balance between delivering function and delivering a system that can be run efficiently.  This same challenge is evident in the physical world too. 


However, in the bridges, tunnels & structures domain, a clear business case for monitoring can be made simply on the operational cost reduction.   The fact the same data can improve modelling, reduce risk and extend the financial health of an asset is a bonus.


I left the session with a spring in my step.  Helped by some sunshine of course.  But I do detect one grey cloud on the horizon.  The asset owner was still sqabbling over who should pay!   This is important and requires more focus.   Yet I am confident that the case will be made that the business case for this monitoring data can be successfully made.   Sunshine returns!

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