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Transport Systems Catapult news.. now what next?

Just seen this annoucement regarding the new Transport Systems Catapult CEO   Great news!



So alongside the appointment of Will Whitehorn as chairman the UK transport domain can hopefully see some activities being kicked off.    So what should be the first project?  Well I know that one area that would be good to solve is the concept of transferability....


Transferability is recognising the need for a collaborative approach to intelligent transport.   Yet also being realistic about the needs of the different stakeholders and investors involved in delivering & using a smarter transport system.    In that different entities will have different speeds and motivations when it comes to measuring any RoI in smarter transport.  Plus, by enabling a collaborative approach the data is worth more collectively than stuck in a silo.   Yet how to pay for this collective data and its successful exploitation?  That is ensure sustainable transferability. 


I would like to promote the idea of a 'Travel Hub' as the way we can all resolve this thorny issue.   The Travel Hub is a data exchange and mart.   Which allows for the easy transfer of data sets to different users.   With some transfers attracting a payment.   With a 'tax' on use to pay for the ongoing servicing of the platform.   


Travel Hub needs a little cash to build a more detailed business case.   I think it worthwhile as it would be an ideal road test for the coming together of all the transport disciplines.    Plus,  it will put the UK at the forefront of solving global transport dilemmas and a Travel Hub would assist the UK in its move to mobility,   All good reasons to give it a go!


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